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Dog friendly, child friendly beer garden,

A little background on Elaine and Brian of The Ship Inn Aldborough

Our journey began 42years ago in a small pub called the Fox & Hounds not far from R A F Leeming- which at the time was a training base for young pilots, hence how our story starts with a very special friendship with Prince  Andrew, and ends here at The Ship Inn with a lunch party with his two nephews Prince William and Prince Harry and half way along the journey Gordon Ramsay popped into our lives for 3 weeks. Hence the birth of The Campaign for Real Gravy was born as Gordon thought our Traditional Sunday Roast was the best in the Nation.

Along our journey we have met tens of thousands of lovely people that have made our time in the trade so enriching, characters from all walks of life, including 3 ghosts that we had to have a Requiem Mass done for to let them rest in peace.

After one television show we ended up with a final total of 54 million people visiting our website and on our Real Gravy  website we received 5 million emails from all over the world---never did get around to reading them all.!!!

Here in Aldborough North Yorkshire the villagers have made us so welcome and we can say the success of the Ship inn is in a very  large part due to their loyal support. We have now had a total of 3 pubs,  Hotel & restaurant, But we are so happy here this will be our last, it is so many peoples  idea of a night out to go to the pub meet friends and have a good time. We have that pleasure every day !!!!!

We did a quick calculation the other day and Brian has served over 1 million people their meals, and Elaine has pulled over 3 million pints.

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